Monday, October 27, 2008

My plan to fix the Big Ten and save College Football

Here is my plan for the Big Ten:

Big Tens Logo

1. Change the Name to the Big Tens Conference
2. Add 9 teams:

Syracuse - Big East
Notre Dame - Big East
Rutgers - Big East
West Virginia - Big East
Pittsburgh - Big East
Marshall - Con USA
Maryland - ACC
UConn - Big East
Iowa State - Big 12

3. Split into two divisions:

Western Division

Michigan State
Iowa State

Eastern Division

Ohio State
Penn State
Notre Dame
West Virginia

4. Add a Conference Championship Game

Each team plays 14 games a year. Two conference rivals that you always play: PSU - Mich, Wisc; OSU - Mich, Mich State; Mich - PSU, OSU etc. and then they play the rest of thier conference with one of four teams rotating out over four years: OSU - Marshall, Maryland, UConn, Rutgers; PSU - Marshall, UConn, Syracuse, Rutgers; etc.
Two non conference games at the beginning of the season one must be a mid-major or higher.

Week 1 Non-Con 1

Week 2 Non-Con 2
Week 3 Conference Game 1
Week 4 Division Game 1
Week 5 Division Game 2

Week 6 Conference Game 2
Week 7 Division Game 3
Week 8 Division Game 4
Week 9 Conference Game 3

Week 10 Division Game 5
Week 11 Division Game 6
Week 12 Conference Game 4
Week 13 Division Game 7

Week 14 Division Game 8
Week 15 Conference Championship Game

Here is an example of what could be the 2012 season using the 4 most watched teams:

Penn State 11-3

1 Southern Florida W
2 Navy W
3 Iowa State W
4 @Syracuse W
5 Notre Dame L
6 @Michigan W
7 West Virginia W
8 @Maryland L
9 Wisconsin W
10 @Rutgers W
11 UConn W
12 @Mich State W
13 Ohio State L
14 @Pittsburgh W

Ohio State 12-2
1 Troy State W
2 Army W
3 Michigan L
4 @Pittsburgh W
5 Wisconsin W
6 @Mich State L
7 Syracuse W
8 @Marshall W
9 Illinois W
10 @West Virginia W
11 Notre Dame W
12 @Iowa W
13 Penn State W
14 @Maryland W

Michigan 11-3

1 Southern Miss W
2 Air Force W
3 Ohio State W
4 @Purdue W
5 Northwestern W
6 @Penn State W
7 Minnesota W
8 @Iowa W
9 Notre Dame L
10 @Wisconsin L
11 Illinois L
12 @West Virginia W
13 Mich State W
14 @Iowa State W

Notre Dame 11-3

1 San Diego State W
2 Stanford W
3 Mich State L
4 @West Virginia L
5 Penn State W
6 @Indiana W
7 Maryland W
8 @Syracuse W
9 Michigan W
10 @UConn W
11 Ohio State L
12 @Purdue W
13 Pittsburgh W
14 @Rutgers W

All four teams would end up ranked in the top 15, all playing in big bowl games, and the Big Tens Conference has the best strength of schedule ahead of the SEC.


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