Friday, January 23, 2009

My Top 10 Reasons Why the Cardinals Will Win The Super Bowl

Here are my top 10 reasons why the Cardinals will win the Super Bowl, granted some are in jest, but overall, it's the truth even if some points have NOTHING to do with the game. Karmically, anything impacts a team's play.

10 - The Steel industry is in tatters, while the birdwatching industry has grown in leaps and bounds, especially that of the CARDINAL because it doesn't migrate and it's unique colour.

9 - When the US was down in 2001, the ARIZONA Diamond backs won the World Series, now in 2009, the ARIZONA Cardinals will do the same, yet again... and remember, whenever a senator from Arizona runs for president and loses, that state Wins a Professional Championship.

8 - Adrian Wilson, D Rodgers-Cromartie, and Roderick Hood will handle Hines Ward (injured MCL, normally a 3-4 week injury), Holmes, Washington and Sweed - but you can't say the same for Polamalu, Clark, Townsend and Taylor against L. Fitz, Boldin, Breaston, Urban, Hightower, Pope, Patrick, and don't forget EDGE - he still wants his ring - if the Steelers TRY to take away mid-range and downfield passing, watch the backfield outlet passes when the Stealers blitz.

7 - Remember when the Bucs beat the Raiders, and the Raiders were favoured, and the coach of the Bucs was a rookie coach who was an assistant with the Raiders? This time The cards have a handful of former members of the Steeler's staff.

6 - What do Atlanta, Carolina, Philly, and Pittsburgh have in common? They were all picked to win against an Arizona Cardinal team who was considered far inferior.

5 - IF the Steelers make a Helmet to Helmet hit, WATCH FOR retaliation like you have NEVER seen.

4 - Steeler offense has been known to fall apart - especially if Big Ben folds like he did against Indianapolis and Tennessee (like what 40 turnovers?). Compare games against same teams and different teams all you want, Eagles beat the Steelers, cards beat the eagles... it's a revolving circle...

3 - Boldin gets as many catches as Fitz and they can't double both of them.

2 - Steelers can't Pay the refs enough money this time.

1 - LARRY MUFUGGIN FITZGERALD and KURT THANK YOU GOD WARNER - Warner will be the third-oldest quarterback to ever start the Super Bowl, the other two?? John Elway and Johnny Unitas, both won. And remember Peyton Manning when he went up against the Bears a couple years ago, Warner will be able to find the holes in Pittsburgh's defense trying to defend L. Fitz just like Manning did vs the Bears.

If the Cardinals D can keep the Steelers to under 30 they can win, if the Steelers D gets more than 2 turnovers and keeps Arizona to under 21 points, they will lose. It's an explosive Cardinal Offense against a dominating Steeler Defense. But on the other side of the ball you have an good but young and inexperienced Cardinal Defense against an aging and o.k. Steeler Offense. Defenses can win championships, but if there's NO offense, you can get passed on for 300 yards and lose on field goals.

Arizona Cardinals 34 - Pittsburgh Steelers 24