Friday, November 21, 2008

Mike Mussina: Not a Hall of Famer

Should Mike Mussina be in the HOF?

Not at all.

0 Cy Youngs
0 perfect games
0 no-hitters
0 World Series Titles
0 MVPs


He played 18 years, 10 with Baltimore and 8 with New York. Ironically, the New York Yankees started out as the Baltimore Orioles.

During his time with the Birds:

Five-time all-star
(on a team that was an o.k. team except for ‘91 and 2000, the first and last years he was with them)
MVP voting twice
Cy Young voting 7 of 10 years
Lowest Team ERA 8 of 10 years
Average an 18% share of his team’s wins

During his time with the Yanks:

Never made the all-stars
MVP and Cy young voting only one year (2008)
Lowest Team ERA 4 of 8 years
Only one year had 18% share of his team’s wins (in 2008)

The biggest thing I noticed was the fact that his completed games dropped off significantly during his time with the Yankees as did quality starts, but his innings per year didn’t. He started more games, but won less. He won more than 50% of the games he started in Baltimore, but less than 50% in New York. Even with a better team, better pitching staff, and a much better General Manager, Mussina did not fair as well as he did with the Orioles.

Mussina averaged a win less per year with the Orioles, but almost a 3% share of wins more. The Yanks averaged 32 games above .500 when Moose played with them, but when he played with the Orioles, they averaged 3 games above .500. When you look at his post-season numbers, it’s more clear why Mussina is not a Hall of Famer. He can’t win when it counts, the post-season. He’s two games over .500 in the post season and faired the same no matter which team he played for.

He played in an era where 250 wins weren’t as important a milestone as 300 wins were. He played in an era where performance enhancers ran rampant. I have been saying for a long while that players need to prove they were clean since most are hiding behind the MLBPA and not speaking up about what went on. Especially when you play on teams that had so many PROVEN users, it’s not hard to speculate that Mussina could have pitched 200 innings per year due to a little “boost.”

When Mussina left the Orioles they sucked bad, but before that they were a decent team. He never had Ace numbers and had an excellent closing staff at New York. This one, to me, is a no brainer, and I live in Williamsport, PA.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New England Patriots and New Jersey Jets Rivalry

After talking with Gary V. at Eagle rock winery last night

I decided to post my open letter to all New Jersey Jets fans.

From a Rabid Pats Fan:

Thank You New Jersey Jets for:

1976 41-7 Week 6 Monday Night Win

1982 Patriots Disassemble the
"New York Sack Exchange"

1985 Post-Season

1988 28-3 Week 1 Win
Rainstorm Game

1992 Giving Us our 2nd and Last Win
of a 2-14 Season

1997 Taking Player Stealing Parcell
Giving us Pete Carroll

1998 Taking Curtis Martin

1999 30-28 Week 1 Win

2000 Giving Us Bill Belichick
After being Head Coach
of the Jets for one day

2001 Post 9/11 Mo Lewis takes out Bledsoe
Giving Us Tom Brady

2004 Giving Us an NFL Record 18 straight
Regular Season Wins

2005 31-21 road win on MNF
Flutie vs Interceptaverde
Flutie's Last Game
Drop Kick Extra Point

2006 37-16 Wild Card Win
Taking Eric Man-gina
Taking Matt Chatham
Taking Tim Dwight

2006 24-17 Week 2 Win
Patriots Franchise Record
Over .500 since 1968

2006 37-16 Playoff Win

2007 Taking QB Coach Brian Daboll

2007 38-14 Week 1 Win
Ellis Hobbs 108 Yard TD Return
Spygate Game

2007 20-10 Week 15 Win
Wilson 21st Player to Score - NFL Record
Gostkowski - 67th Extra Point - NFL Record
Pats 14-0 tying 1972 Dolphins
Clinched home-field through playoffs

Tomorrow we shall be .500 for the franchise history versus the Jets!

It's an S-T-B year!


Super Bowl Bound Baby!