Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Local State Representative Race

I definitely blog in Williamsport, about Williamsport, FOR Williamsport! I moved to Williamsport about 6 years ago and I have been consistently disappointed with the political landscape here. Why is it that a Republican Mayor is so scared about party politics that he endorses a Republican candidate for State Representative who beat his wife and had a restraining order against him? This makes no sense, I wasn't able to vote in the primaries but on the Republican side I liked Rebecca Burke and I'm hoping that she comes public and endorses Mirabito!

Do the owners all of these houses I pass with Dave Huffman signs out front know what kind of person Dave Huffman REALLY is?! I'm a republican and a christian and I can not in good conscious vote for a coward who physically and verbally abused his wife!
When I heard about Dave Huffman's past I didn't believe it at first, but then I did my own research and was astonished at what I found. Dave Huffman owns no property in Lycoming County, is UNEMPLOYED, is a Domestic Abuser, and is NOT a Christian in action, only words. Not to mention, he has repeatedly stated that he will never vote for a tax increase which in today's economic situation is an ill-advised and ignorant position to take. How can an underfunded education system rely on someone who will blindly vote no at every chance he can? I'm not talking about paying teachers, but FUNDING EDUCATION! You cut a property tax to give the taxpayer relief, then you need to use a tax increase somewhere else to maintain education funding!

The biggest problem I have is the subterfuge being used by those who Dave Huffman has surrounded himself with in this election. Charles Messner, Jamie Gilbert, Jason Fetter, and Michael Fetzer have been making statements in the virtual newsroom and/or letters to the editor as though they are just casually interacting with Dave Huffman when in all reality they are campaigners for Dave Huffman. Isn't that kind of subterfuge, while legal, not very ethical? I would assume that they know of Dave Huffman's past transgressions and have still chosen to support him. As far as I can tell Dave Huffman is a slightly unstable, unethical, and ignorant little man and he and his supporters should be held accountable to their actions.

And Mr. Fetter, next time you choose to not teach your Pennsylvania College of Technology class and have Dave Huffman in to substitute for you, make sure you accept responsibility for him telling students to vote for him like he did this past April. I had friends who were in those Marketing classes.

Please vote for Rick Mirabito, a man who won't beat his wife, who will not intimidate people in a retirement community, who will not intimidate college students, and who will NOT blindly vote NO simply because a tax is presented.


Wendi said...

Rick's got MY vote! I voted for him during the last election in which he ran and was sorry to see that he didn't win. VERY happy that he decided to give it another go-'round! Williamsport is lucky to have someone as ethical and community-minded as Mr. Mirabito in its midst, and our citizens need to give him a chance to show his stuff!

John said...

Well Nick, first of all, as a christian I don't make it a habbit of questioning someone elses christianity. Who made you God and final authority on Dave Huffman's personal and spiritual life. You also say you "heard" about these things on Dave Huffman. Don't you think you should do some fact checking and have some proof before you start bloging about someones personal past as a matter of fact. It's a shame that nothing is off the table when it comes to political campaigns anymore. Especially when liberal nut jobs starts making crazy accusations and people with no sense take the information as fact with no regard to how it is affecting others. Thank you!

John A.Hilfirty said...

I have been involved in the Lycoming County political scene for almost 26 years, and in a major city for another 22 years before relocating here. I have spent some time checking into the backgrounds and qualifications of both Dave Huffman and Rick Mirabito. I found no comparison between the two in intelligence, ability, and the desire to do the job the way it needs to be done.

I found nothing in Dave Huffman's background that suggests that he is qualified in any way to serve the needs of this area, or that he is looking for anything other than a free ride.

To the contrary, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Rick Mirabito will represent us well, and he is getting my vote. I hope others will do the same.

john a. hilfirty said...

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Jack said...

I know Dave Huffman really well.. His wife was a total jerk... she cheated on him and then started hitting him. During the pummeling, from that crazy woman, he grabbed her hand to make her stop and she claimed he broke her finger. Know what you're talking about before you blab garbage. Trial Attorneys and Lawyers are making the country a more complicated and regulated environment. I don't know Rick, but the tactics he's using aren't commendable.

S. Baker said...

I'm from Golden, Colorado. I met Dave Huffman several times, I knew his ex-wife. I lived not far from a friend of his ex-wife whom Dave lived near, he tried to say that she was purposely going to see her friend just so she could drive by his house. The man is NOT a stable individual. He is a drunkard, a liar, and a weasle. He tried running for political office out here, but i suppose us western folk aren't as easily duped by east coast hard-right fanatics. I remember reading about a gentleman who was a hard-right fanatic, he was an isolationist, he hated gays, non-whites, and had temper tantrums when he didn't go his way. His name was Adolf Hitler and while Dave Huffman is no Hitler, he definitely hates gays, hates non-whites, believes women should always be subservient to the men, and has tantrums a 4-year-old would admire. I pray that you folks out east in Pennsylvania don't vote this miscreant into office.

By the way, if you want the information about him beating his wife, it's all at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Sara Baker
Golden, Co

.-∙° Nick °∙-. said...

Hey Jack and John, you guys should be at the bar with Dave. Loved his little "I have to go be with veterans at Post 1 now" routine. Guess what Post 1 had going on that night? A meeting of the Lycoming Veterans Council. On the agenda, getting hammered andlisten to Dave rant about how he's being berated by unethical campaign tactics aimed at him and his family. WHAT FAMILY DAVE?! You don't have one. You should probably move out of your trailer and back into your parents basement.

Do you normally not shake someone's hand and totally disregard them as SOP? SOP means Standard Operating Procedure. You showed that you have no discernable character and that you would be child-like as a representative. I for one do not want a piece of shite like you representive pigs on apig farm let alone real human beings.

As for you John No Last NAme, as a "christian" you should be questioning others' christianity. Do you take Jesus as your personal Savior? Do you believe that Mary was a virgin mother? Do you believe in praying to the saints? Do you believe that people speak in toungues? There are so many variants of christians and many do not follow their own faith's guidlines. One of which is do unto others as you'd have done to you. If we were to extrapolate anything from Dave Huffman, it would be that we should all strike him when he disagrees and after that ignore them like a school age child who didn't eat his supper and still wants dessert. And the only people my comments affect are those who are guilty of what they have been accused of and those who think they know the truth and are to blind to see that Dave has also lied to them.

Now Jack No Last Name, ha ha you guys must be related. Wait, no, you're just both probably campaigners for Dave. Probably J.Fet or Gilby, or maybe even Houser? Taken a man's name huh? Is that cause you're really just suppossed to sit there and be a good little woman? No matter whom you are, and I use whom cause it seems like your group gets together and comes up with snide little rebukes that go nowhere faster than a vessel captained by a Somalian Pirate. One question Jack, if SHE was hitting Dave, how did SHE break HER glasses? I know you can't answer that - how bout you run to Dave so he can explain it all away. Just like voting No. It's not that he wants to vote no, it just seems like that's the only word he knows. "No, you can't leave me!" :: smack :: "No, you can't pass that to save the School District Money!" :: thwap :: "No, you can't shake my hand!" :: snear :: I'd kick Dave's ass if it wasn't for the fatc that he's not worth it, I don't want to deal with an assault charge, and doing so makes me no better than him.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Nick no one reads your stupid blog and Dave Huffman is your next State Representative. Deal with it. He won the primary fair and square and will do the same on Tuesday. Until the Dems can put up a candidate who can actually aquire votes your SOL.

.-∙° Nick °∙-. said...

No one reads it huh? 6 people respond and 1250 plus unique hits to this post alone and nobody reads it huh? Too scared to actually own your post - you're both worthless and scared.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I voted for Mr. Mirabito and now I want him to reopen his Uptown Diner near Penn College. There's no other way to contact him via email. Mr. Mirabito, we are hungry in the hood!!

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Anonymous said...

Well Dave Huffman is currently employed as a main substitute teacher at Canton Area School District. I am currently a student there and he is my personal favorite. Also, I believe he would hurt a fly. He is a nice man and formally

Anonymous said...

Well Dave Huffman is currently employed as a main substitute teacher at Canton Area School District. I am currently a student there and he is my personal favorite. Also, I believe he would hurt a fly. He is a nice man and formally a college professor.

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Anonymous said...

Wait. Dave Huffman got into a tussle with his wife and she claimed he injured her? Did he use a loaded gun, because John Hilfirty, rather than berate the guy, you should embrace him since the two of you have something in common. He can't be all that bad, right John?

(Oh, and I voted for Marabito)

John Hilfirty said...

Anonymous: (Actually, why don't you use the name NoBalls since you are too much of a coward to say who you are!)

As for your reference to an allegation that I used a gun to defend myself against my wife, yup, that's the charges that were falsely filed against me.

But tell the WHOLE story. Say what? Oh, you don't know the whole story ? Hmmmm....

Well there was a jury trial on the charge involving the gun. It ended in a hopelessly deadlocked jury. Judge sent them home, and declared a mistrial.

The D.A. withdrew that charge later knowing that there would never be a conviction with a jury.

Especially with the real estate huckster turned assistant District Attorney, Paul Petcavage prosecuting it. He was really bad !

Especially having no case to start with, and a seriously mentally ill alleged "victim" who had NO INJURIES, not even a mark.

Then the other charge which had been tried non-jury, resulted in a finding of NOT-GUILTY by the Judge.

So, two charges, two trials, zero convictions.

Hilfirty 2
Petcavage 0

Wife ? Now ex-wife. Homeless.

Me ? Got my happy home back.

Total cost to taxpayers =

Combined minimum, over $100,000
Plus ongoing costs of maintaining the ex-wife. (Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.)

Civil Lawsuit against cops and D.A and others : PENDING. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Hilfirty before you cast stones at people look at yourself and your family. Your daughter was just arrested for extortion. She slept with a codes officer to try and stop codes from putting you on the street due to your excessive hoarding. It didn't work you were still put out. You harassed the landlord there whom is still getting rid of your stuff. You were put out January 25th and this is July 17th all the garbage left was up to her to get rid of. There is 70 years of garbage in there that she is throwing away at her expense.

Anonymous said...

As the former property manager for the building that Jack Hilfirty lived in, I find it very amusing that all his claims of expertise regarding the law, the claim that he was a paralegal, became clearly nothing more than a bluff, a weak attempt to manipulate and intimidate his landlord into allowing his abuse of utilities to continue. The anger that he displayed when he was being evicted was hilarious, and totally expected . It was pure pleasure to cut him off from the water he stole, the internet he freeloaded, the rent he claimed to barely afford, all these things were his downfall and directly led to his eviction from the premises. The one thing that the property manager at the residence should be proud of is that he made the landlord aware of the abuses she had chosen to ignore out of fear of angering the great legal know-it-all, and giving her the courage, and knowledge to remove him and his family from her building. I am curious as to what became of the images that were found on a computer in his home that he had access to, which contained images of children that the Williamsport Police Department found interesting enough to seize and obtain a search warrant for his side of the building. Does anyone know what became of this investigation? He was a blowhard who tried desperately to bluff his version of things into being fact. It was absolutely hilarious reading some letters he had written but left unsent, there was no wonder why he didnt send them as the truth was obviously nothing like the story he tried to push off as fact...anyway, he got what he had coming,to some extent, I'm only sorry I was not able to tell him right to his face that he lost, I told his daughter that he would lose, and that he wasnt nearly as smart as he thought he was. for someone that supposedly knew how to use the system, he totally made a flop of almost everything he tried to do against the property manager and landlord. See ya Jack, it was great watching your downfall, and I'm only sorry that youre gone and I'm not going to be able to continue to make your life miserable. Hasta la Pasta,theres a cell waiting for you, and we look forward to seeing you find it.