Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Follow Up On State Representative Race

The blog linked therein is my blog. If you read the blog I state how I heard some information about Dave Huffman and then RESEARCHED the information. I have the document that shows he beat his wife and if I could find it, anyone with even a passing knowledge of the internet, the ability to receive a fax, and the knowledge to use a telephone ( with long distance I might add ) can find it also. I will scan a copy if someone wants to see it, but they must give me a verifiable name, address, e-mail and listed telephone number. thos are my rules, if you don't want to follow through, you don't get the document.

Furthermore, Dave Huffman blindly voted no as a school board memeber, and has stated numerous times with vigor about how he will vote no anything with a tax increase. He also talks about abortion as an issue. It's NOT AN ISSUE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVES! The legality of abortion comes from the federal government. The State is limited to requiring providers to provide information about gestation and such to a woman interested in obtaining an abortion. Dave Huffman also talks about his support of the 2nd amendment. This again is a mute issue. As we have recently seen with District of Columbia v. Heller, the Constitution and the Supreme Court unequivocally established and continue the right to bear arms. All the states are allowed to do is provide the legal process to obtain arms. 5 day waiting period, computer background check, whatever hoops are created the right remains and will not perish.

These two issues, which Dave Huffman consistently tries to reinforce, have more to do with trying to get voters to vote on percieved emotional and cultural values, than having voters vote on who is best suited to represent them in the 83rd District. Rick Mirabito, from everything I've heard him say, has no opposition to guns and LEGALLY it doesn't matter if he is or isn't, so this means that Dave Huffman's attempts to bring the issues of Abortion and the Second Amendment to bear is his only recourse in getting the voters to ignore the fact that he is unable to lead, has no valuable experience, does not own property in the District, does not hold a job, and who's own party leaders privately have no confidence in his ability to be a State Representative.

He abused his wife, he intimidated Retirement Home Residents, he intimidated Pennsylvania College of Technology Students, he misleads the 83rd District voters, his campaigners use unethical tactics in print media as well as removal or obstruction of posted campaign signs, he is a free-loader with no verifiable employment, has no familial ties to the 83rd District even going as far as holding a political fundraiser in is father's town well outside of the 83rd District, yet he claims to be TRULY Invested in the community. He can't even come up with his own slogan? Anyone notice Huffman came out with the whole "Truly" addition to a slogan Rick Mirabito has used as a foundation of HIS campaign? You don't even have to look very hard to see the subversion that thisman's life is all about


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